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Powerful applications

Designed for your business

The integration of native technologies and web technologies allows you to build powerful tools that can follow the business of your company.

We take every project very seriously and we love to optimize every aspect.

Client Side Application

App developed at HOC on the device

100% use of device performance
Possibility to send push notifications for direct communication
Greater speed than web based applications
They work even in absence of connectivity

BaDaBump Game for iOS developed by Vivica


Simple, fast and easy interfaces

Smart User Interface

An interface design that is not an end in itself but driven by objectives

Powerful Performance

Development in native language to get the best performance from every device

Tailor made

Each APP must represent the company

UI first

Optimized to be usable by users in a simple and intuitive way


Smooth & Stylish Sticky Menu is what will make your Website differentiate with others

Convergence between desktop and mobile

Chrome iPad

What is the element that makes us love an app? the design? the brand?

The greater the involvement, the greater the results will be. We work hard to achieve excellence both in terms of design and development.

We build the app on the needs of our customers studying from time to time the most suitable solution. Mobiles devices are the common place to find information, buy, socialize. We are in the first person end users and we know what the market demands today. Smartphones and Tablets are an integral part of the media that a company can choose when planning a market strategy, a campaign, or, to provide useful services to its target and that convey their brand. Do you have an idea for your App and want to develop it with us? Contact us, we will help you to make your idea an idea of success.


MacDisk Health

MacDisk Health

  • MacDisk Health is software distributed through AppStore. It combines the functions of Disk cleanre and duplicate finder into a single software.

    It supports all Macs from OSX Lion onwards, it is very fast and helps you keep your system clean, increasing its performance and keeping your operating system in perfect health.

Macbook video with demo of MacDiskHealth

AnyVideo Converter HD

AnyVideo Converter HD

  • AnyVideo Converter HD: the easiest and fastest way to convert all your movies on many devices.

    Convert all your movie collections just with one click. You can convert a single file or multiple files simply drag and drop them on AnyVideo Converter HD.

Macbook video with demo of MacDiskHealth