Keep your working team real time updated, always, anywhere
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Improve your in house communication and follow all of your activities step by step


Setup and manage your smart intranet. Share your informations and your projects and work status, cooperate with your team.

If your needs is to create online digital archives, or to follow step by step your working projects, Intrexx is the perfect and fast solution to make your company ready for the future, organized and safe.
With the Intrexx platform you can improve the in house communication, optimize the workflow and connect to your customers in a fast, reliable and easy way. Every projects can be followed in real time, all accomplished with easy, specific user interfaces and real time notify for your managers and the customer.
You will feel free, with endless possibility. Implementing targeted web app, everyone in your team can update his workflow and so the whole project status at any time. No matter what project it is, you will improve your productivity 24/7

Document organization

Keep your documents organized

A Database at your disposal, arranged per projects, where any document find his place in the specific area. Backed with a powerful search engine, you will find what you are looking for in a glance. Every action on a file can deliver a notify to the people involved. This is efficency!


Share the informations

Share documents and projects' versions, designs, pictures and much more in a collaborative way. Through social collaboration, you can communicate in a smart way to your team and to your customers.

Follow the project

Follow the projects workflow

A targeted Web App can be the companion for every step of a project, so your team can benefit of a dedicated design. Your managers and customers can follow the project with dedicated user interfaces, with easy, in a centralized work space.


The teamwork platform by United Planet Gmbh

What is Intrexx?

  • It is a flexible platform that join people with data
  • It is a collaborative software with the goal of improving teamwork, communications, and business process
  • It is an intranet software to keep in touch with company data and access them with safe and easy
  • It is an extranet software to keep in touch with your customers and partners
Video of Intrexx inside MacBook